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The Mayor and Mayoress at the Weighing-in

Cllr Chauhdry Shafique MBE has lived in High Wycombe for nearly 50 years. Since coming to High Wycombe in 1963 as a child, he attended local schools and colleges for his basic education before moving onto Higher Education. Cllr Shafique graduated with an Honours Degree in Economics in 1974 and in due course gained a number of further post graduate qualifications including a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Cllr Shafique married Perveen in 1975.  They have four children, two sons and two daughters who in turn have brought them much joy with five grandchildren.
He began his working career in the private sector for a number of years where he gained valuable experience of management and business administration before joining Bucks New University in 1986 as a lecturer. Cllr Shafique’s hard work, strong academic and leadership skills and his natural gift for unstinting loyalty to friends and fellow colleagues earned him considerable respect for which he was rewarded with regular promotions at the university. He retired in December 2008 having achieved national recognition as the university’s Director of Equality and Community Cohesion.
Alongside his professional work, for more than 30 years Shafique has also been extremely active in a variety of public, voluntary and community organisations in Wycombe and beyond often holding a leading position of responsibility in them.

Cllr Shafique was elected town councillor in 1999 to Oakridge and Tinkers Ward and was re-elected in 2011 to Totteridge Ward.

Through his commitment to promoting interfaith relations and community cohesion and as Chairman of the Council for Christian-Muslim relations, Cllr Shafique has earned the respect and admiration of the local and wider community abroad.

In 2003 he visited St Vincent and the Grenadines to support the work of the High Wycombe and St Vincent linking association.  In 2004  he visited Armenia to facilitate the linking of two Armenian towns Dilijan and Ijevan with High Wycombe.  Cllr Shafique has also worked closely with the local police community and visited Warsaw to promote educational links between Bucks New University and Poland.

For these and many other reasons, in her 2011 birthday honours, her Majesty the Queen awarded Shafique an MBE for having made “an outstanding contribution to public life and for services to community cohesion in Wycombe and Buckinghamshire.”

The current Mayoress is Mrs Perveen Shafique

 Perveen is from Lahore in Pakistan.  She married the Mayor in 1975 and over the years has been very supportive of his work in the community.  Perveen is looking forward to meeting many people from all walks of life in, what is for her, a very exciting year as Mayoress of High Wycombe.

Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor on the scales!

Cllr Sebert Graham was born in Jamaica.  He came to the United Kingdomin the early 1960’s and started work with the Ford Motor Company as a Material Controller. 

Cllr Graham has been involved in community works since 1973 after he left London and took up residence in High Wycombe.

 He spent many years as  Chair and Vice Chair of the then Wycombe Race Equality Council.

 In 1989 he was elected town councillor for the Bowerdean and Daws Hill Ward, the first African-Caribbean to be elected in Buckinghamshire.  In 1996 he was elected Mayor of the Town of High Wycombe, the first African-Caribbean Mayor to be  elected in the United Kingdom.

 After a ten year break Cllr Graham stood in the 2011 elections and won a seat in the Oakridge and Castlefield Ward.  He is delighted to be able to share his experience and knowledge to support the Mayor, Cllr Chaudhry Shafique, for the next year.


The current Deputy Mayoress is Ms Beaulah Brown.

Beaulah arrived in England in the early 1960’s and trained and worked as a nurse at Wycombe General Hospital for many years.  In the early 1990’s she ran a care home for the elderly during which time she also supported Sebert as his Mayoress.

Beaulah still works part time with special needs adults but is looking forward very much to attending functions with the Deputy Mayor during his term in office.


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